• 2023-11-01
社会人になって感じること 私は今年の4月から社会人になりました。そこで今回のつぶやきでは社会人になって感じ
その案が通るのですが、私はいつも納得させることができませんでした。 ビジネスにインパクトがあるかどうか、実現可能性はあるのかどうかといった点を研究ではあまり考えていなかったので、いきなりそれを求められると、何が正解かわからなくなっていました。
この、ビジネス特有の考えが自分には向いてないのかなと不安になる時期もありました。 私の結論としては、多少の得意不得意はあるものの、慣れればこの考えが染みつくだろうなと思っています。問題を解く前に何が問題かを考える、これが仕事をする上で大切だなと思います。問題を解決してもあまりインパクトが無ければ意味がないので。
これからも精進して参ります。     I became a working professional in April this year. In this post, I'd like to share my reflections since joining the workforce. While working, whenever I felt that a certain aspect could be improved (I can't go into detail since it's work-related), I would share my ideas with my supervisor. I believed that if something was causing difficulties for users, it should be addressed. However, every time I brought up these suggestions, my supervisor would respond with feedback like, "Sure, that area could indeed be improved. But is addressing that right now the most impactful thing to do? Does it have a significant business impact?" If I could convincingly argue my point, my suggestions would be accepted. But I often found myself unable to persuade my boss. During my academic days, I hadn't given much thought to business impact or feasibility, so when suddenly confronted with these considerations, I felt lost about the right course of action. At times, I even doubted if I was cut out for this business-oriented thinking. My current belief is that while everyone has strengths and weaknesses, with time and experience, I'll likely internalize this mindset. It's essential to first identify what the real issue is before trying to solve it. Solving a problem that doesn't make a significant impact is pointless. Being in my first year as a professional has its challenges due to many unfamiliar experiences, but it's also rich in learning and quite enjoyable. It feels more like I'm getting paid to learn rather than just working. I'm committed to continuously improving and growing.