• 2024-04-01
  • diary






A New Beginning

April has arrived. With the start of April, I feel the urge to start something new. This year, I want to take positive steps forward and make it an excellent year. I want to forget past failures and worries and strive toward new goals.
One of those goals is to be mindful of saving money. Being careful with how I spend money is crucial and important for my future. I want to correct my spending habits and reduce unnecessary expenses.

To start saving, I’ll first review my daily expenses. I’ll minimize wasteful spending on food and shopping, distinguishing between what’s necessary and what’s not. I often eat out, so I’d like to reduce that frequency as well.

However, saving isn’t just about restraint and limitations. By cutting unnecessary expenses, I can actually spend more on what truly matters and brings me joy. It’s important to make necessary expenditures and investments for my own happiness and fulfillment.

The start of the new fiscal year is a chance for a fresh start. I want to grow through saving money. How we handle money is crucial in various aspects of life, and reducing waste and saving is an investment in the future. Let’s work steadily towards progress, step by step!

—Translation by ChatGPT—