今月のつぶやき(教員) 「OB会」

  • 2023-06-01
  • diary
OB会 当研究室ではOB会と称して、研究室OBと現研究室学生との交流会を年3~4回実施しています。 他の研究室では、OB会を開催する研究室でも年1回程度と聞いています。 何故、OB会を頻繁に開催するのかと疑問に思われるかもしれませんが、現在の研究室学生と研究室OBとの意見交換が目的の一つです。 毎年この時期(4月から6月頃)「OB訪問」と称して、就職活動の一環として研究室を訪れるOBがいますが、就職先の意向があり学生に対して必ずしも「本音」を伝えているとは限りません。そこで、学生と本音で話せる機会として、交流会を実施しています。 「頻繁な開催の回答になっていない」と思いっているかもしれません。 本音は、研究室OBとお酒を酌み交わしながら当時の話(昔話)や将来について楽しく会談することが目的であり、年1回の開催では「飲み会(?)」が少ないので回数を増やしました。卒業後も頻繁に会うことで引き続き友好関係を継続できること、またOB同士間の友好関係も継続するメリットが期待できます。 本年度は4月末に第1回を開催しました。次は9月頃の予定。楽しみです。 ==================== Title: Alumni Meeting In our laboratory, we hold events called alumni meetings 3 to 4 times a year, for interaction between laboratory alumni and current lab students. In other labs, even those that hold alumni meetings typically do so about once a year. You might wonder why we hold alumni meetings so frequently. One of the purposes is to exchange views between current lab students and lab alumni. Every year around this time (from April to June), there are alumni who visit the lab as part of their job-hunting activities, in what we call "alumni visits." However, they may not necessarily be able to share their "true feelings" with students due to the intentions of their employers. Therefore, we hold these gatherings as an opportunity for students to have frank discussions with the alumni. You might be thinking that this doesn't answer the question of why the meetings are held frequently. The truth is, the purpose is to have fun conversations about the past (old stories) and the future while sharing drinks with the lab alumni. Since having only one meeting a year results in fewer of these "drinking parties(?), " we decided to increase the frequency. By meeting frequently even after graduation, we can continue to maintain friendly relationships, and it also has the potential benefit of continuing friendly relations among the alumni themselves. We held the first event of this fiscal year at the end of April. The next one is scheduled for around September. I'm looking forward to it. ---Translation by ChatGPT---