今月のつぶやき (事務員) 「いまどきの運動会」

  • 2023-12-01
  • diary
「いまどきの運動会」 先日、小学生の娘の運動会がありました。 昭和時代に育った私が、いまどきだな~と思った話です。 ・入場行進なし(時間短縮ね) ・準備体操は、おどるポンポコリン(ラジオ体操第一じゃないの?) ・ダンスは家でYOUTUBEで覚える。(便利なチャンネルあるのね) ・徒競走は突っ込みどころ満載 ・足が遅い事がわからないように遅い早いがランダム。 ・男女混合でいまどきジェンダーレス? ・順位判定はより正確に(先生トーテムポール出現。AI判定導入も近いか・・) ・シャッターチャンスを逃さないように、子供が何走目何レーンか事前に周知あり、発走時に放送とプラカードで何走目かのアナウンスあり) 私が小学生の時は、組立体操や集団演技だけでなく入場行進や準備体操の練習だけで何日も何時間もかけて練習した記憶があります。 コロナを機に弁当も場所取りもなくなり、準備や装飾に時間はかけず、競うより安全面を優先し、より公平にシンプルになった気がします。 みなさんの運動会の思い出はなんですか? 注※特定の小学校への個人的な印象であり、全ての小学校について述べたものではありません。 ======== "Modern-Day Sports Day" The other day, there was a sports day at my daughter's elementary school. As someone who grew up in the Showa era, I found some aspects quite modern. No entrance march (to save time) The warm-up exercise was to "Dancing Pompokolin" instead of the usual Radio Exercise No. 1. Learned dances at home via YouTube (how convenient!) The foot races were full of amusing moments. The order of fast and slow runners was randomized so it wasn't obvious who was slow. Mixed-gender races? Quite gender-neutral for the modern day. More accurate placement judging (Teachers stacking up like totem poles. Maybe AI-based judgment is not far off...) To not miss photo opportunities, there was prior notification about which race and lane each child was in, announced both over the loudspeaker and with placards. When I was in elementary school, I remember spending days and hours practicing for the entrance march and warm-up exercises, not to mention group gymnastics and collective performances.   Since COVID-19, there's been no need for lunch or reserving spots, and less time spent on preparation and decoration. It seems like the focus has shifted more towards safety, fairness, and simplicity rather than competition.   What are your memories of sports day?   Note: This is a personal impression of a specific elementary school and is not a statement about all elementary schools.   ---Translation by ChatGPT---