今月のつぶやき(OB) 「もう1人を増やす」

  • 2023-06-01
  • diary
 最後に一つクエスチョン。これまでの文はオリジナルの自分が書いたでしょうか、それとももう1人の自分が書いたでしょうか。 ==================== Title: make another of myself Hello everyone! I'm Tsujino, an alumnus. It's been a year since I joined the workforce. Time seems to be flying by, don't you think so too? In the last three years or so, I've often wished that there could be another "me". As a student, I felt this because of my research, part-time job, and other activities. But since becoming a working adult and dealing with daily tasks, this feeling has only grown stronger. So, how could one create another "self"? First of all, what does it mean to create another "self"? Let's try to define it. For me, to create another "self" means to increase the number of autonomous selves with the same abilities as the original me. I think that what the other me has done can be shared later when there's time. Until recently, I thought such a thing was impossible, but there was an incident that made me wonder if it might be achievable. That was the advent of ChatGPT. Keeping the idea of creating another "me" in mind, I'm currently using ChatGPT (although it's not going so well yet…). Lastly, I have a question. Did the original me write the text up to here, or was it the other me? -- Translation by ChatGPT-4--