今月のつぶやき(事務員) 「季節の手仕事」

  • 2023-07-01
  • diary
事務員の鈴木です。 この時期になると実家から梅が送られてきます。 庭の梅の木に大量に実がなる時もあれば、不作の年もあります。 今年は、少な目で1.4Kgのノルマが送られてきました。 この梅の使い道を悩み、過去色々と試しましたが、 超簡単で手間が掛からず美味しい「梅シロップ」に落ち着きました。 作り方は、梅を洗って凍らせて砂糖と一緒に ”漬けて待つだけ!” 以前はガラス瓶に漬けて作っていましたが、最近はジップロックを使い、 更に手を抜くことに成功。 材料を入れて冷蔵庫に放置し、砂糖が全て溶けたら出来上がりです。 炭酸や水で割って飲むとうまうまです。 とても簡単なので、どうぞ自家製ジュースを作ってみて下さい。 ①梅と砂糖をいれるだけ(only plums and sugar) ②一週間後(after 1week ) 赤紫蘇ジュースと梅ジュース(red perilla juice and plum juice) ======== Title: "Seasonal Handicrafts" This is Suzuki, the office worker. Around this time of year, I get plums sent from my family home. Sometimes there's a bounty of fruit on our plum tree, but other years it doesn't yield as much. This year, the quota sent was a modest 1.4kg. I've puzzled over how to use these plums and tried various methods in the past, but I've settled on making "plum syrup, " which is super easy, requires little effort, and is delicious. The method is simple: wash the plums, freeze them, then put them in with sugar and just wait! I used to make it by soaking the ingredients in a glass jar, but recently I've been using Ziploc bags, which has made the process even more hands-off. Just put the ingredients in the bag, leave it in the fridge, and once all the sugar has dissolved, it's done. It's very delicious when diluted with soda or water. Since it's very easy, please try making your own homemade juice. ---Translation by ChatGPT---